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    So I am seeing an opportunity to get into perfect binding for booklets. Been getting more and more quote request for perfect binding on large booklets (150+ pages). I think this could be a good market to expand to as long as the experiment doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. What I am wondering is if something like a Duplo DM-250 would be suitable for runs of 500ish perfect bound booklets? Says it cycles at 200/hour, but I'm guessing its more like half that. I understand there are way more automated machines than the Duplo, but to expand to that market I can pick up the duplo for $2k or so, so its a rather cheap investment to experiment with. Any opinions on if this would be a good starting place, or am I going to be in over my head with that machine and runs of 500 or so? BTW we can outsource the binding to a shop about 45 mins away from us, but it is just a hassle and not very cost effective to be competitive when they charge us $1.50-2.00/book for perfect binding.

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    No input from anyone? Surely there are some people on this forum using a similar machine and could tell me what types of run lengths they're using them for and how they are?


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      But we're like really busy. It's summer and stuff.

      If I did perfect binding I would let you know.


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        I would pay the 1.50-2.00. Perfect binding especially large books takes a lot of labor, not so much on the binding part but cutting the 3 edges of the book. Don't worry though, if you want to get into it davidspiel should be along shortly to offer you a perfect binder.


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          Yes, here I am. $1.50 - $2.00 is a little high to perfect bind books.

          If you would like to discuss perfect binder options, please contact me:

          David Spiel


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            I would contact Horizon and buy a used BQ 270. If you find you are doing a lot more work and need something faster you can graduate to something faster.


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              I am not familiar with the Duplos first hand, but I will second Halmac's suggestion of a Horizon BQ270. We used to have a BQ440 and that was a great machine. I believe the 270 would be a great machine for the runs you're talking about. You could also look at an older model BQ240. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about price.


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