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MBO Folder problems ... need help

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  • MBO Folder problems ... need help

    So we have an MBO in one of our shops, it has always ran great and worked great right up until I connected the right angle unit to the main folder/stacker. Now it WILL power up and the air compressor/suction works but none of the controls on the right side of the panel work anymore... I cannot get the stacker to go up or down and the main drive is dead. I checked all of the emergency stops and they all seem ok, I also reset all the breakers in the back and nothing is bringing the functions back... I am in need of suggestions in case I am missing something here. Even with the right angle unit disconnected it will not work like it did before, seems like whatever happened only affected the right side of the control panel.

    Suggestions on where to look are appreciated!

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    Hi Sir:
    Hope you are well
    Let me know what model what do you have?
    However do this:
    1) Reset the C. breaker in the control box
    2) Retight all wires for possible loosing for Feeding the machine.
    3) Test any Fuses if the machine has with a DMM(digital multimeter for continuity), and replaces with the same capacity Ampers and Voltage printed.
    4)Perform a visual inspection : look for loose and broken wires, improperly seated connectors, loose or broken wires
    misset switch, missing jumpers. and so on.
    Chech for obviously damaged component(components burned or discolore due to overheating);

    Let me know
    cell+WhatsApp:+5058861 1441
    Managua, Nicaragua. C.A.


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