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    We have been using a Challenge Advance 30 inch cutter since 2001. I do not remember a manual for it, and the folks who set it up for me originally are long gone. We are moving at the end of August and are now faced with getting this out of our current space and letting it enjoy a new life as a boat anchor or whatever.

    We contacted Challenge Machinery, and there's no one there who knows anything about the cutter. Is there anyone here who can describe how to disassemble this so we can cart it off?

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    Let me know, with serial number, model, Pic,etc
    cell+WhatsApp: +50588611441


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      To move it may be difficult due to its weight and cumbersome size. I remember moving newer Challenge cutters like the 305MC. To get them through a 36 inch door, we had to remove the bed and back-gauge assembly. As I recall, there were two bolts on each side passing through the main frame holding the bed in place. In addition there were locator pins, one on each side that were to position the bed squarely on the frame. To remove the bed, you had to punch the pins out from the underside of the bed. With the pins and screws removed, the bed could be removed. It is very heavy and required extra manpower to remove it. That done, it would go through the door.
      If you just want to scrap it, get your tools out and start dismantling. The iron can be recycled. Try selling it on Ebay or giving it away on Craig's List.
      Good luck.


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        Thanks - I placed an ad on Craigslist earlier this week, and someone's coming to look at it on Monday. I'm hoping his enthusiasm doesn't die when he realizes how heavy it is.

        We managed to get it in the building through 36 inch doors, so I'm sure we can get it out, one way or another. At least you've given me an idea where to look for screws and pins when the final dismantling happens.

        Chock, here's a picture.
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