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Polar 92CE blade safety switches will not activate

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  • Polar 92CE blade safety switches will not activate

    Intermittantly, the 2 safety switches that enable the blade to activate do not work. Today they are totally in op. This history leads me to believe that it is a circuit problem. Have checked all fuses for continuity, and switches themselves - all good.
    What else can I check?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Now working - manually cycled blade and seems to be working correctly.


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      Good Day sir:
      I have some question for you"
      1) Have the Polar safety bolt?? a) if have test +42Vdc and limit switch that they have for dirty, worn contacts, and LUBE the shaft of solenoid, look for loose or break wire. Clean well the connector.
      2) Have you check the +24Vdc for cut button?
      3) the plastic cam lever rear of gear box, test the 2 limit switch for dirty, worn contacts, or disadjustments, try with proof and error movement of cam plastic, the Knife must be Stop in the higher position, when is returning, if not proceed with the adjustment of Cam plastic.
      4) See if the 2 cut button is faulty, connector and switch inside.
      5) The power supply board +2+3+4+ the tolerance must be in 0.7% up or down, otherwise, you must exchange board, iT does not matter if the LED's are ON !!
      6) See if the solenoide in hydraulic block ( yeloow normally ) are working, if NOT test for +42Vdc if they are and working , TIME to replace the Yellow block hydraulic.
      Use please the schematic diagrams.
      Let me know
      Mobile+WhatsApp: +505 8861 1441


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