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Faster way of comb binding (or an alternative?)

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  • Faster way of comb binding (or an alternative?)

    We produce large volumes of documents that are comb bound.

    Currently we have a GBC EP28/DB28 combo as per the below link.

    It is fast at punching (although difficult to align the punches to be bang on) and I find manually inserting the pages onto the comb to be extremely fiddly and time consuming.

    Trying to think of a more automated method... I know some production printers can have GBC punch unit but they generally only bind up to around 100 pages at a time.. We're regularly doing 400 pages upwards..

    Thoughts or suggestions? Perhaps a different binding method entirely?

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    If your volumes are high enough I would suggest looking at Plastikoil
    Plastkoil plastic coil binding machines, binding equipment, plastic spiral binding supplies. 1 (800) 665-7884. Outside North America call 1 (204) 663-9214. World's largest manufacturer of plastic coil binding.


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      Most of my customers have switched over from comb binding to spiral and wire binding. We have many low cost solutions to this problem. Please contact me should this interest you.

      Truly yours,

      David Spiel
      Spiel Associates, Inc.
      45-01 Northern Blvd.
      Long Island City, NY 11101


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        It’s something completely different, and still early in its development, but check out Vpaper and the Vpaper Tower from Peleman. A disruptive solution for fast, low cost lay-flat binding.


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          We buy the paper pre 44 oval hole punched. 2x the cost of unpunched, but binding goes quick, just punch the cover and back then spin it on.


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            I agree with the others here that you should consider switching to coil binding. There is a great automated coil inserter called the James Burn can do up to 30mm (1.18" thick). You should use the oval shaped hole for the punching, and use an automated feeding and punch unit like the DocuPunch.


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