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  • Duplo DC-615 Pro


    someone offered us an used Duplo DC-615 Pro. Does anyone know if this machine is capable of cutting business cards 21-up on a SRA3? Or do we need the 645 or 616 for that?

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have a DC-616 Pro, not sure what the difference would be but we use ours for 13'x19" 24 up sheets. The limitation is it can only do 2 gutter slits and the two side slits (6 total). 21 up on SRA3 should be just fine, I think the minimum side slit distance is 5mm off the top of my head.


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      Hello Wheate, are you overall happy with your 616 Pro?


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        Absolutely love it. Before we purchased it we were doing all our business card cutting on a guillotine which was so labour intensive. It's to the point now where I can't imagine functioning without it, if I could go back I would have gotten the 645 though for it's added features.


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          If the bc's are full bleed, you cannot do that on a would require two passes. The 616, pro or standard, both can do full bleed business cards in a single pass. Another upgrade from the 615 Pro to the 616 Pro is the ability to start/stop the machine from your computer. On the 615, you have to go over to the machine.


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            Thanks both for your answer about the 615 vs 616. If I am correct the 645 has got the same issue, would require two passes. So only solution would be or the 616 (pro) or the 646, is that correct? Thanks again.


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              The 645 only does full bleed in a single pass if you have the business card module. If not, its 2 passes.


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                Thanks jwheeler. I will go check the 616 pro then.


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                  So how did it go inoxx? Did you make a purchase?


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                    Hi jwheeler,
                    next month there is a sign and print exhibition here in Holland which we will attend. We will then check the Duplo and also some other brands. We have decided not to buy the 615 pro.


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