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  • Tabs for Secap Tabber...

    We bought a Secap 2020 Tabber in pristine condition about a year ago and it came with quite a few cartons of tabs that measure 7/8" and have 1" spacing from center of tab to center of tab. We are finally on the last roll and seem to be having trouble finding tabs.

    Can anyone tell me where I could buy these?

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    I would check with Supplies for mailers. We have used them for years.


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      I buy from
      Actually their online store for tabs is
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        I tried both and they say they don't have the tabs I need.

        This machine works so well. Very frustrating I can't get tabs for it. Secap was the only brand of tabber that I had ever heard of, so I am shocked that they seem like such a black horse when buying tabs.


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          I think your problem is the size I think that 7/8 is an old standard 1 inch minimum now for USPS tabbing. I have 2 secap /bryce tabbers and buy from
          The USPS may not have caught that you still had 7/8 but your fortunate. I use translucent clear and any perfed in half can't be used either.


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            Call Whittier Mailing Products.



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              We had been using both 7/8" tabs and perfed ones. I will give those places a call.

              So long term we need to be looking for a new tabber I guess.


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                Not that I see, I found a brochure it takes a 1 inch or 1 1/2 Tab, can't you change the size? My bryce table top, which I would think is older, can do it. It may be a machanical setting but I would think it would work.


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                  Originally posted by kdw75 View Post
                  We had been using both 7/8" tabs and perfed ones. I will give those places a call.

                  So long term we need to be looking for a new tabber I guess.
                  No, your tabber is fine. You just got an old set of tabs when you bought the tabber.

                  Several years ago, the USPS changed tabbing requirements. As bill kahny mentioned, now, you must use either 1-inch or 1 1/2 inch tabs (depending on the design of your mail piece) and, they can not be perforated tabs. The size of the tabs, and, whether or not they are perforated has nothing to do with your tabber. The new tabs will still fit and run on your machine.

                  We use Trade Label, (, but, you can buy them from most any mailer's supply company. Typical price is around $2/m and they come in rolls of 10 to 20 thousand per roll.


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                    This Secap2020 manual doesn’t mention anywhere that it will use 1.5” tabs. We tried using 1” and it would advance them the wrong amount and jam after a couple sheets.


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                      I just came across this:


                      Notice the part where it says it requires a firmware update and CANNOT be done by the customer.


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