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    So I'm slightly new to gold foil printing.
    I have tried printing on a black toner and running the print through a laminator with gold foil, however I still get areas that are not covered. I have tried this over and over again, I'm not sure what I may be doing wrong.

    Any suggestions?

    thank You.

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    Not all toners are compatible with foil. I'm also convinced that not all foils are created equal (I have not experimented with different brands). What type of stock are you using? I have found coated stocks work best and really smooth uncoated can work as well. The temperature of your laminator as well as the speed makes a difference. I presume you've tried hotter? Slower? Etc.


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      Some copiers use a sealing agent. If yours is one of these, that could be the problem.


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        Thank you so much. Keith I have tried different textures and sometimes they work sometimes they don't. I've tried it at different temperatures however I don't have a speed setting. I'll still keep trying lol


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          Tonners have slightly compatibility issue with the foil. All of this can be dependent on your stock so could you please tell me what type of stock are you using for. The coated stock area really smooth and they are best in business with gold foil. We are custom Product Boxes firm and we follow best practice in printing. you can judge our work by check out our product below.



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