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Challenge / Champion 305 Cutter -- Clamp Up error

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  • Challenge / Champion 305 Cutter -- Clamp Up error

    We have an intermittent issue that we are having trouble diagnosing. Periodically when we cutting it seems at the end of the cut cycle the machine will error out during the clamp up phase. The screen goes blank, the hydraulic noise the cutter makes when the clamp goes up does not stop and we are dead at that point forced to turn the cutter off and back on to resume cutting. It seems like it could be a timing or pressure issue but all gauges seem correct. Any suggestions other than "Replace Main Board" would be very helpful!

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    What year or color is your cutter? There is a switch that may be on the top of the frame that the clamp depresses when it is in the UP position. There is also a time factor that has to occur with the knife on the clamp. If you can pass on the age or color I can help further.


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      Hi Sir:
      Please do this steps:
      1) clamp up limit switch or foot switch defective
      2)clamp up solenoid in clamp directional valve defective
      3)clamp limit switch defective
      4)clamp up sequence valve out of adjustment or defective
      5) Pleae review if there some leakage, and look for replace the Hydraulic oil, and bleed the system for Air. Or refill if there the recipient lack more oil, the system can carried out AIR.
      Let me know
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