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    We use a Gerber Sabre routing table to route our die board. We are having an issue where sometimes scores and cuts are off by a little. We are a very picky shop. We think the issue is due to the rotation of the tool head. We use an up cut bit and ( I may have this backwards ) when the tool head is moving in the clockwise direction we think those are accurate. But the head also moves in a counter clock wise direction and we think that is what is causing the the cuts and scores to be slightly off. The machine is not using the correct side of the router bit that way.

    We use Artios to create the dielines and Dieworks to drive the router table. Is there a way to force the software to make the tool head move in the clockwise direction all the time?

    Or if you think there is something else, as I was typing this I wonder if the tool head may need to be re-calibrated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello SK,

    It would be quicker and easier for you to contact "Gerber Routing" they manufacture the Router and the Router Bits,

    this is forum for Printing not Woodworking !

    Regards, Alois


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      Hello Alois,

      Gerber has not been very helpful, at least in talking with the team. BTW, I posted this under post press/finishing is that not where a die cutting question should be?



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        I am not familiar with this type of equipment but the description may hint towards a Backlash issue.


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          Hello SK,

          NO, the manufacture of Die Cutting/Creasing Formes is a separate function from their use in the print finishing area.

          I suggest you try other manufacturers of Router/Bits (Woodworking Machines)

          Regards, Alois


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