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  • Illustrator 10 pallets

    Got an issue with Illy 10. It launches but I get no text titles in pallets, no numbers in rulers, and no numbers in any pallet.
    I trashed preferences, no go, reinstalled, still no go.
    I also cleaned out my font caches and made sure the font Myriad is active, still no go.
    I tried calling Adobe but again no help.
    Anyone got a clue? BTW the install disk is OK as I just installed it on my G4 with no issues.
    OS10.4.11 G5

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    Re: Illustrator 10 pallets

    Did you try running the [CS3Clean Script|] before you reinstall?


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      Re: Illustrator 10 pallets

      This is not CS it's Illustrator 10.


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        Re: Illustrator 10 pallets

        Well it's gotten worse. Now Word version 10 won't open. Splash screen starts then nothing.


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          Re: Illustrator 10 pallets

          I have seen a bad prefs file affect other apps before. It only happened one time, but I would try and trash the prefs for every app you have on the system and run some maintenance scripts (like Onyx or something). If that doesn't work, it looks like it is time to reinstall the system.

          Dan R.


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            Re: Illustrator 10 pallets

            Instead of reinstalling the whole system, as I already deleted preferences and reinstalled both applications with no joy, I just copied the whole system fonts folder from my G4, where Illy 10 and Word both worked, over to my G5. Low and behold it worked! Now to try and figure out just what font in that folder was the culprit.


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