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Placing PDF Files into InDesign

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  • Placing PDF Files into InDesign

    I have a general question concerning placing PDF files into InDesign which I hope someone can answer for me. When this is done and you export the document as a PDF file once more from InDesign (publisher places a partial page ad into their layout which is in PDF format) does the placed ad get re-postscripted and hence re-interpreted by InDesigns distilling machanism or does the application realize the type of data place and concequently maintains the PDF within the postscript stream? Stated another way; Does InDesign break down the placed PDF file into postscript and is interpreted once more? I assume that different versions of InDesign (CS vs CS2 or 3) may handle this differently?

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    Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

    When you export PDF from InDesign, no stink'in PostScript is generated in the process! B-)

    The PDF export feature of InDesign as well as the "save as PDF" feature of Illustrator and Photoshop use Adobe's PDF library to directly generate the PDF from the graphical objects in an InDesign document, whether native InDesign objects or placed PDF, EPS, TIFF, etc.

    Yes, there are subtle differences in the PDF generated from different versions of InDesign. The PDF exported by InDesign 5, the latest version of InDesign, has file size and performance improvements over that exported by InDesign 4.

    - Dov


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      Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

      Yeah, but does the resulting PDF contain a PDF within it or is the information it needs extracted (graphics, position, fonts, etc...) and then rewritten into the new PDF?

      Not that this has anything to do with the price of apples in China, but it is an interesting question at least.


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        Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

        InDesign totally internalizes the graphic objects in any PDF (or other type of file) that you place within an InDesign document. Thus, when you export, you *don't* get a PDF within a PDF.

        - Dov


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          Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

          The answer is - it depends.

          The preferred choice of InDesign is to simply "copy" the original PDF
          directly into the destination PDF as an XObject (PDF speak for a 'placed
          PDF'). It will try to do this if possible.

          However, depending on a variety of factors - it may end up "converting" the
          PDF into native InDesign objects. This is quite common if your export
          settings require changes to content (eg. Transparency flattening, color
          conversion, etc.)



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            Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

            While it is refreshing to note the lack of a tightly enforced party line on this at Adobe, it is none the less disappointing to read conflicting responses from Dov and Leonard on such a basic question.

            Perhaps there is more agreement on the price of apples in China.



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              Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign


              I always assumed Dov Isaacs explanation but I also see truth in your answer. What about Quark, do you know if Jaws handles the issue in the same fashion? I have seen XObject errors generated by software reading PDF files so I can assume in the future that this error most likely is connected to a PDF placed and re-PDF'd. Last, what types of issues have you experienced or are common place when placing and re-exporting a PDF file from InDesign (or Quark)?



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                Re: Placing PDF Files into InDesign

                PDF isnt all what its cracked up to be. Besides the REAL problem here is FONTS



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