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sub. spot inks in Illy 3d effects?

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  • sub. spot inks in Illy 3d effects?

    I am creating price point bullets to go on soft drink cans; the designs for the cans are set, the bullets are new.

    There are four flavors, each flavor design has a different color palette.

    The limit on inks is 6. Each can already uses 5; white is the only common ink on all. These are spot INX inks. I planned to choose a sixth ink, something very different from what is already on each can, in order to help them stand out.

    I wanted to use Illustrator's 3d effect to make the bullets stand out a little bit better on the cans. But my understanding is that the 3d takes the fill color and blends it with both white and black. I don't have room for that 7th ink of black.

    Any suggestions? Can I manipulate the 3d effect to make it use a different ink? How?

    thanks in advance - Sylvia
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