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  • CS3 Application binding

    We have (only) recently installed CS3 and every time a CS2 Indy, Illy or PS doc is double clicked, it will auto launch the CS3 version. Nothing new here, but we wanted to change the default program in "Get Info" menu to open CS2 versions (don't ask why). Everytime we do this, the default program reverts back to CS3.

    We are running Mac OS X 10.4.11

    Does anyone know if there is another way to change the default program association so that a double click results in opening the version we choose?

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    Re: CS3 Application binding

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to my hell. I fought with this for quite sometime placing calls to both Apple and Adobe resulting in the usual finger point olympics and neither one of the wanting to take responsibility for the issue. After fussing with it for a while, I gave up.

    However, because our Mac workstations are configured with multiple partitions, I moved the CS3 apps to a different partition leaving the CS2 apps where they were. This seems to allow CS2 to become the default apps so happy day...or so I thought.

    When you launch the CS3 apps after moving them, you'll likely get an error stating, "Application has moved and needs repair." (or something like that). You can choose to repair but the error still pops up the next the CS3 app is launched. But wait...there's more! It is also likely (at least in my experience) that you'll get "Updater can't find app to update." errors when you attempt to update your CS3 apps with their latest patches (without a button to search for the app in question). It seems that Adobe only wants their software installed in a specific location and deviating from that (although their installers let you) seems to result in the above behavior.

    Fun fun fun (mumbles little obscenities),

    P.S. Hey Adobe, if you're reading this, how about restructuring your software so that it ALL gets installed in one bloody place LIKE OTHER APPS DO!


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      Re: CS3 Application binding

      it's not Adobes fault, it's your Mac doing this to you.
      It (your Mac) will launch the newest version of your software whenever a file is double clicked.
      We have taken to just drag and drop onto the icon in the dock to make sure the correct version is opened.
      There have been a few articles written (do a google on default app and see) about this specific topic, and almost all tell you to do the "Get Info" and set it from there.
      But that doesn't really work that well, especially if you have a Mac that has Indesign 2, CS, CS2, and CS3 (which we have here).

      So, the drag and drop method is the easiest and works every time.

      cheers and good luck,


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        Re: CS3 Application binding

        Hi David,

        I think we are beginning to realise that this (drag to correct version icon) will be our best (and only) option as the Mac OS finder is reading the application binding data from CS2 and CS3 files as the same and always using the latest version. The "get info" and 'change all' seems to instantly revert back to CS3.



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          Re: CS3 Application binding

          Another way is to "right-click", ( or if you don't have a two button mouse ctrl-click ), on the file and you'll get the Open With options drop-down list. You can then choose between applications to open the file. - peter
          "you never know how the past is going to turn out"


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            Re: CS3 Application binding

            Also if you have Indy CS2 open for example, and it's a CS2 or earlier document a double click will open it in CS2, a CS3 file will also attempt to open in CS3 but you will get a dialog box saying it's the wrong version. . Problem is If you have CS3 installed all InDesign files look like CS3 files. One fix is after you save the CS2 file get info on it and change it's open with.
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