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Clipping path snaffoo (Photoshop to InDesign)-help!

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  • Clipping path snaffoo (Photoshop to InDesign)-help!


    We just recently upgraded to Tiger and CS2. I have been doing clipping paths in Photoshop, like I normally would, but when production places them into InDesign they won't read. I go to Object/Clipping Paths/Photoshop/Silo, then it does work, but looks awful on screen.

    I went into Photoshop and started deleting points from the top part of my path and saved it. Then went back to InDesign and updated the image and the path worked. So, I went back to Photoshop and added points to the existing path (to see if it was the number of points) and it still worked. Then, I drug one point to the y destination of .125 (1/8" from top of image), saved it, and it didn't work. So, long story short, once my point goes above .200 it stops working.

    Very strange. Has anyone had a problem with this? Is there a preference somewhere that needs to be changed?

    I also tried to enlarge the canvas to allow more space between the edge of the image to the clipping path, but that didn't seem to change anything.

    Let me know if anyone has any ideas.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Clipping path snaffoo (Photoshop to InDesign)-help!

    This may be how the production team is placing the files.

    When importing the file with a clipping path, there is the Show Import Options in the import dialogue box - check this box then click on import - then the production team needs to check " Apply Photoshop clipping path" if it is not checked then the path will not get applied to the image placed into Indesign.

    As for it being fuzzy the display performance in the Indesign Preferences may be set too low. Make the resolution for your display the highest and go back and view your link in the file again?

    Hope this helped?


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      Re: Clipping path snaffoo (Photoshop to InDesign)-help!

      A little bored are we Guru? Answering questions from June!

      By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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        Re: Clipping path snaffoo (Photoshop to InDesign)-help!

        Gotta do somethin or else go home. But wait I need to pay bills too!

        Yes was looking around and just noticed yesterday these posts are I will take care not to open old woulds.....


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