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PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

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  • PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

    I have a general Adobe question. When placing a .PSD file into an InDesign document and exporting a PDF, will the resulting file retain the PSD characteristics or will it be exported as raw image data? By image data I mean, a similar affect as exporting a document that utilizes transparency to a level of PDF that does not support it - a pseudo flattening.

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    Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

    As long as you keep the exported compatibility as PDF 1.4 or higher your file will
    retain it's live transparency, if that's what you mean.


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      Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

      Thank you for the response. I understand the transparency support but my question had more to do with Photoshop files when they are placed in ID docs and then export as PDF. Considering all the information contained in PSD files, does this carry over on out put or is it converted,flattened etc...


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        Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

        A couple of things...

        1) The Photoshop transparency model is the same as the PDF transparency
        model - so there isn't an issue here.

        2) The Photoshop layer model is VASTLY different than the PDF layer
        model - so any layered PSD file MUST be have all layers "flattened" as
        part of the export to PDF.

        3) PDF doesn't support 'embedded PSD', so the image data must be
        converted into a single raster image - akin to saving as PNG/JPEG from
        Photoshop - during the export process.

        Does that answer your questions??



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          Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

          Thanks for your help. Yes, this does answer my question.


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            Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

            So, that layered (floating above) look in Photoshop just can't be maintained, huh?


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              Re: PSD Files, InDesign and PDF Export

              @ Bluskool

              No, I do not think that was what he was saying ! I can indeed retain any look and feel from Adobe Photoshop, thru InDesign and then to PDF (and print).

              Do that all the time (even using variable where we use Adobe Photoshop effects on type - we happen to use XMIpie, but systems offer this too.)
              Michael Jahn - Slightly used PDF Evangelist
              Simi Valley California


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