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  • Editing Images

    When trying to edit an image in Acrobat sometimes I get this message.
    "PDF file contains no images in the color space or depth supported by this application." The art won't open in Photoshop. What does this actually mean?

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    Re: Editing Images

    Do you have an older acrobat that does not support 16 bits per channel. Open it in Photoshop and see what color space ad bit depth it is nin.

    Dan R.


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      Re: Editing Images

      Could be indexed color or more likely separation black.
      Matt Beals
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        Re: Editing Images

        There are special software applications to edit pictures in PDF files.One of them is Speedflow Edit from OneVision. Get a trial.


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          Re: Editing Images

          Acrobat (and Distiller) will "index" some color spaces to reduce file size. Indexed color was a 256 color RGB color space. But, let's say you have an 8-bit CMYK image that only contains information in the black channel. You are only using 256 colors, not the total mathmatical gamut of CMYK (256 x 256 x 256 x 256). So, the file size can be reduced by creating a color space with only 256 colors.

          It is a PIA. One thing you can try -

          Duplicate the file
          Delete everything except the image you want to edit
          Save the resulting PDF or export to tiff
          Open directly in Photoshop
          Save as PDF
          Open in Acrobat and copy the edited image into your original PDF



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            Re: Editing Images

            I'm using 7.0 Professional


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              Re: Editing Images

              Found this, might help answer your question:

              "This error occurs when users of Acrobat Reader prior to Version 4 attempt to view files created in Acrobat Distiller 4 or 5 in which the options are incorrectly chosen to maintain compatibility with the installed base of Readers. The problem arose due to an oversight in the coding of Acrobat 4.x. Manual intervention may be required to prevent the error.

              page offers a few solutions around the error:


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                Re: Editing Images

                Several of the operators here also use 7 pro and have the same issue, I use 8.x pro (up to date) and do not have the same error on the same files that they cannot open. If you have access to version 8 pro give it a try.



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                  Re: Editing Images

                  You can also try opening the page in Illustrator and rasterising it to CMYK, then back in Acrobat you can touch up in Photoshop…
                  I think it can also happen if the image is a mask.

                  In the old days of Acrobat 1 I remember zooming in on an image and screendumping it on my 20" CRT (there were not many monitors bigger than that those days) just to force a job through the RIP… sometimes you just need to get the job done no matter how dirty the road there is ;P.
                  Learning by teaching!


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                    Re: Editing Images

                    Has this been fixed in version 9?
                    Is this a problem that users with Pitstop also encounter?


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                      Re: Editing Images

                      > {quote:title=Prepress_Parasite wrote:}{quote}
                      > Has this been fixed in version 9?

                      Has what been fixed? There is no bug here.

                      Acrobat is simply informing you that the image editor that you have chosen is unable to handle the colorspace of the image that you are trying to edit. Why do you get the error - can't say without seeing the PDF and knowing what image editor you are using.


                      Edited by: Leonard Rosenthol on Aug 6, 2008 8:47 PM


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                        Re: Editing Images

                        > {quote:title=leonardr wrote:}{quote}
                        >… knowing what image editor you are using.

                        I assume it is PhotoShop that's where I get the error. ;P
                        Learning by teaching!


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                          Re: Editing Images

                          +Has this been fixed in version 9?+
                          +Is this a problem that users with Pitstop also encounter?+


                          Having Enfocus PitStop Professional installed in Acrobat should not influence this problem. It won't allow you to edit the pixels of the image inside of Acrobat, it is still the external image editor that needs to be able to handle the image format you're sending to it (and that is were the error occurs).

                          Kind regards,


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