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CS3 jobs issues w/ Dynastrip Software

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  • CS3 jobs issues w/ Dynastrip Software

    Dual 1.25 Mirrored doors PMG4 2 GIGs RAM ddr333, 80gig dr, gigabit ethernet. superdrive.
    OSX - 10.4.11
    CS3 fully upddated

    We need to run CS3 prepared files (no matter where they came from Illy 8,9,10 etc...) through our Dynastrip software for signature placement aka - stepping.

    So far we have been BARELY able to process the file on Dynastrip 4.5 if it is a CS3 file
    as we have found that 'stray marks' or points (even spacebar hits in the text) hold up the ability to make outlines of the fonts
    to process the job so that nothing moves.

    We are able to output the proper EPS file BUT CS3 will not open the new file
    once we save it as outlines. Soemtime the outline save feature is unavailable.

    We get the error " *Clipping path limit reached for tiff preview"* , click ok and then Illustrator CS3 shuts off but the
    file is created and saved and we can use it but we cannot open it in Illustrator CS3 (which is where we just made it)
    This is a bad thing because we need to be able to reopen our output file for proofing etc....

    We still can run this file through the dynastrip and rip it but some files dont make it this far , and still we should
    be able to reopen the file.

    When we try to open this file - it just cycles thru Illy 13 startup but does not display the new file at all.

    We can save down to CS2 but this is unacceptable in the long run. CS2 is going away.

    The EPS files we are using are either native CS3 or brought up into CS3
    for preparation to be sent to the Dynastrip machine/server for processing.
    (Many old jobs are in Illy 8 9 or 10)

    Any way to remedy the *Clipping path limit reached for tiff preview"* issue ????

    We save the files with 8-bit , preview, transparancy, etc... enabled as per dynastrip requirements.

    It appears to be how CS3 handles the jobs. CS2 with the same job runs fine.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: CS3 jobs issues w/ Dynastrip Software

    Why are you converting eveything to paths?

    Why not use PDF's from Illustrator saving with the ability to make edits for when you need to reopen the file?

    Also since Dynastrip is - "what you put in is what needs to go out" would save time for it also. If you give it a PDF it will give you a PDF out with little to no effort. I have found that this is the best way to utilize Dynastrip - I use 5.0.0. Not familiar with 4.3.

    Postscript in must be postscript out - PDF in PDF out - EPS in EPS out. OF DYNASTRIP

    What I am trying to get at is the file size for a file that has text converted to outlines would greatly increase the file size, thus making it likely to not run through dynastrip depending on how many files and their respective file sizes.

    Give the Illustrator/Indesign PDF files directly to Dynastrip and then see what happens. I would like to know if it helped get the files imposed and printable.

    I also do not know what you are sending to from Dynastrip so it may also be a reference to a font that did not actually get converted to outlines - maybe on a hidden layer or something not visable A corrupt font may make a file not openable. More than likely the file size is too big for why you are not able to open them after converting to outlines.


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