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Image Shift when printing/plating a pdf file...PLEASE HELP

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  • Image Shift when printing/plating a pdf file...PLEASE HELP


    I have come across a problem twice now that I hope someone could shed some light on....

    I have been supplied with a high res pdf file created from Quark 7. When printed in single pages (not imposed) directly from Adobe 5 on a PC to a Xerox 250 some images shift to show white around some edges of images placed within the pdf file. When printed from any version of Adobe on a MAC no shifting occurs. It also occurs when sending the file from a mac or PC through a Prinect/ Compose workflow. In the plate preview the shifting is visible.

    I have had some success re saving the pdf file as a ps file. This has eliminated some of the shifting but not all.

    Please any help or insights.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Image Shift when printing/plating a pdf file...PLEASE HELP

    Without seeing the file- - who can tell.
    Can you get access to the Quark file?
    Quark creates its "Picture Boxes" (or artists creating "Picture Boxes" in Quark)
    have "White" as their backgrounds.
    When this runs through your trapping application -
    the surrounding art traps to the "White" background of the "Picture Box" and not to the Picture.
    In Quark - change all your "Picture Box" "Backgrounds" to "None".
    If all you get is PDFs from Quark ...
    you may be able to change this with PitStop ( I forget, right off hand).
    try to choke your background to your pix
    rather than letting your trapping app trap your pix to the background.



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