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Setting Up Illustrator CS3

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  • Setting Up Illustrator CS3


    Previously to CS3 one could create a startup document that would set the appearance of a palette. For instance, I could make the Pantone coated library persistent AND have it show as Small List View; I could have the swatches show as name also. I have always deleted all default Graphic Styles, Brushes, unwanted colors, etc so all palettes are clean.

    While creating a custom workspace or a template helps with some of my desired setup, I can figure no way to always have the Pantone coated library show as Small List VIew as a default or have the swatches palette show as name as a default. Additionally, if I just select a new document, eg no template, I get all the styles, brushes, etc that clutter my palettes. I miss the old startup file capabilities.

    Is there still a way to get what I need? Am I missing something or do I just have to reset palettes to name lists every time I open my template?

    Thanks to those that have the answer and share it with me.

    One more "irritant" - on one of three Macs we have installed CS3, a new document always opens up with a document window fills only half the screen. On the two other Macs the new document window fills the screen. All Macs are the same. Anyone know why?


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    Re: Setting Up Illustrator CS3


    I haven't found a way to get Illy to keep the color selection pallet
    open either. I don't think it's possible, as I've seen this topic come
    up on one or two of the other forums I frequent.

    I've seen the topic of maximizing a new window come up to, and
    though a fix wasn't found, the OP found that dragging the minimized
    window larger to fit their screen allowed for a tolerable one click full
    screen mode. I think it had to do with resolution size or a new larger
    monitor in that case. Does your suspect Mac have a different display,
    or different display settings?

    Good luck!


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      Re: Setting Up Illustrator CS3

      Greetings Mr. D. Thomas,

      I can keep the pantone library open by selecting persistent and if I set up a template and use it to start all new documents I can keep all the nasty extra colors out of my palettes, but I cannot not get pantone library palette, or the swatches palette to show as name, just color blocks.

      Really a small irritant, however any mouse clicks I can avoid is a good thing to me.

      If you look at using workspaces you will notice there are 3 presets. The one labeled basic keeps the palettes docked, the one labeled panel has the palettes open and the one labeled type also has the palettes open including the type palette. I am guessing that if one knew how to edit the text in these workspaces that one could customize some of the setting.

      Something has to be telling Illustrator how to set up a palette and maybe the choice for swatch view or name view is hard wired into the code and those that use the program will just have to live with Adobe's way of thinking they know the best way to set up our workspaces.



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        Re: Setting Up Illustrator CS3

        I'm not able to do it either. I can at least get the Find Field
        to stay open after quitting and relaunching, but the Small
        List View doesn't seem to hold. I'm saving out a Custom
        Workspace, otherwise I can't even get that to work.

        The swatch library palette was wonky in CS2, also, but
        I would think a fix would be relatively simple, as you state.


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