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Pagemaker links clipped in postscript

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  • Pagemaker links clipped in postscript

    I have attached an image that demonstrates this problem. The top half shows an object that is clipped, and the bottom half shows how it should be. These are screen-shots from Acrobat of PDF's produced two different ways. Both PDF's were made by printing to a postscript printer with the "print to file" option. The postscript files were each processed with Distiller using the same settings. All settings were identical (including the PPD) when printing, except for the postscript printer used. The PPD is "Acrobat Distiller 3011.104." I have tried this on two different Windows 2000 computers using Pagemaker 7.0, and get the same results. The printer that does not work is "Acrobat Distiller" on one computer and "Generic Postscript Printer" on the other. I'm not sure where the "Generic Postscript Printer" came from, as it appears to be a driver that does not come with Windows. The printer "Acrobat Distiller" is the printer installed with Adobe Acrobat 5.0. The printer driver that +does+ work is for a Savin 4035 copier. Exporting to PDF produces the bad version.

    I've had this happen from time to time - not just with this one job. I checked the two specific items on recent jobs I could recall this happening with, and both of them are embedded objects that report a filename as "NA." Maybe that means they were pasted in from the clipboard. They contain both vector and raster elements.

    Does anyone know what might be going on here, and what differences are possible between postcript printer drivers? Until this problem first appeared I assumed that the PPD was the only thing that really made a difference when you were producing a postscript file.

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    Re: Pagemaker links clipped in postscript

    Are you really using only Acrobat 5.0 or do you at least have the 5.0.5 updates applied?



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      Re: Pagemaker links clipped in postscript

      I have Distiller version loaded on that machine. I was able to make the postscript properly using the Acrobat Distiller printer by changing the driver from AdobePSGenericPostScriptPrinter to AdobePS Acrobat Distiller. I guess the printer wasn't really Distiller after all. I'm still curious about the reason the objects get clipped.

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