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  • blurry PDFs

    Out of the blue when I view PDFs, they are all blurry. It's just a view though. They print fine. Any ideas?

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    Re: blurry PDFs

    How are you viewing your PDFs? Acrobat? Preview for Mac OS X? Whichever you commonly use, try the other. Does the other app also show blurry PDF's? If not, my guess is that a viewing display preference has changed. If you are on a Mac, try viewing the PDF on a PC? Does the blurriness still show on the PC?

    If both apps (and/or platform) show the PDF as blurry, how are you making the PDF files? However you are making them, perhaps a "distiller" preference has changed?

    Hope this helps!
    Jon Morgan
    Hopkins Printing


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      Re: blurry PDFs

      If you're using Acrobat, check your preferences under Page Display. There are display resolution settings and options to smooth text, line art, and images that could be causing your blurriness issues.



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        Re: blurry PDFs

        I'm opening on Mac in Acrobat 7. It's not happening to all of them. I think it may have something to do with Prinergy Evo files that have been refined. Unfortunately, I do not know much about Prinergy Evo.


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          Re: blurry PDFs

          Is it mainly images that are blurry? If so, it's probably a View Accelerator option in Evo (that's what it is called in Printready). Check the Normalizer or Preflight sequence in Evo and see if there is a setting like "Alternate low resolution images for Acrobat". If so, this is probably the cause. It's a good thing, though, so leave it on. You should be able to toggle between low res and high res in Acrobat. Look in the Plugins menus in Acrobat with a blurry PDF open and see if there is a View Accelerator or Fast View Plugin. In Printready, it appears as a menu item as well as an Icon that toggles on and off. Screen redraws are much faster with it on, but if you need to check something at high res in the PDF, turn it off.

          Hope this helps.


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            Re: blurry PDFs

            Thanks, I'll have someone check view accelerator option in Evo. I know that's what it is.


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