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  • InDesign CS3 / Illy CS3 / Preflight / ICC Profiles


    If i create a file in Illy CS3, save as both an .ai (pdf) and a .eps, both with an assigned profile, embed on save, then placed into IDCS3, then run the IDCS3 preflight, why do the Illy files show in the preflight report under ICCProfile as N/A and None respectively...

    Am i correct in assuming that it's down to the file format, pdf & eps, and the inability of IDCS3 to interrogate the files correctly for source icc info ?

    Any info appreciated,


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    Re: InDesign CS3 / Illy CS3 / Preflight / ICC Profiles

    ...depends on your color management settings in indesign, typically you want to preserve the cmyk numbers so that no unintended conversions take place...

    ...a placed eps file won't convert, the numbers are preserved no matter what indesign color settings are, and also profiles aren't embedded when saving eps from illy, that is why it says 'none'...

    ...the default workflow to preserve numbers and ignore linked profiles, vector or bitmap...

    ...once you start preserving image profiles on placed graphics in an indesign document that has a DIFFERENT profile the numbers change...

    ...personally, i have creative suite set up so all is synchronized (preseving numbers)...

    ...and as far as embedding profiles in images goes, I don't, knowing that if somebody had indesign setup to preserve profiles or convert to working spaces, the color numbers won't then change...



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      Re: InDesign CS3 / Illy CS3 / Preflight / ICC Profiles

      EPS technically shouldn't be able to carry a profile (as I understand it) - but that's fodder for another thread.

      PDFs are able to carry many profiles, so you can the issue there. InDesign should be able to indicate the output intent - but it doesn't.


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        Re: InDesign CS3 / Illy CS3 / Preflight / ICC Profiles


        Thanks for your replies, appreciated.



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