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[black] printing in color!!

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  • [black] printing in color!!


    I am printing through Onyx RIP, from various Adobe applications.
    I am finding that when people spec the [black] color in InDesign, Illustrator, what have you.... that a lot of times when it prints on my HPs (5500 and z6100).... they are changing to colors.
    I can turn the spot color table off and it prints black, but then all my other spot colors/Pantones are out of whack.

    Does anyone know why this is happening (I'm assuming it's a confusion with the name...) and/or more importantly, how I can fix it? Is there a way to set [black] to always export out of Adobe as 100% black?


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    Re: [black] printing in color!!

    this seems like a slam-dunk...
    InDesign and Illustrator CS2 and up: Preferences/Appearance of Black/On Screen-Display All Blacks Accurately...Printing/Exporting-Output All Blacks Accurately
    hope this helps...


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      Re: [black] printing in color!!

      That was it.
      I also had to check off the Overprint [black] setting, which is in the same dialog box.


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        Re: [black] printing in color!!

        As an FYI: the "On Screen" and "Printing / Exporting" are application settings that effect any document that you view, print, or export from this one computer. I always change the Screen and Printing / Exporting on every computer I use at work. This should default to Black instead of Rich Black.

        The "Overprint [Black] at Swatch at 100%" is a document setting and will be saved in the document. Thus, any where you take this document, this setting will effect it.

        There are a lot of people who like this feature so small text set to 100% [Black] will overprint the background, I don't have problems with this. The problem I do have is a big 100% [Black] box slightly sitting on top of a picture or other colored box. I then see the object from below, through the [Black] box when printed on Press. When I uncheck it, the type will knockout the background, but my RIP will trap the type pulling in the background from behind creating an overprint anyway. So I don't see a need to have this feature on by default.


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