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  • various drop shadows....

    In the past, I've created drop shadows several different ways. IDCS3 does a nice job as well as the various ways in Pshop to create dropshadows.
    My question is this- I have a client creating dropshadows in P-shop (layers, opacity, etc) which are rather large. What I mean is the shadow extends 1-2 inches past the image for an effect they actually like. Problem is, we are now seeing a slight "halo" around the shadow on our proofs. Client is now asking me to explain to them how to create dropshadows OVER THE PHONE in order to avoid this effect. Unless I am onsite, this is impossible. Are there any good sites / books where I can point them? Did I mention they don't want to pay me to do this for them??!!

    anyone else ever been in this situation??!!
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