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  • photoshop plugin?

    Hello, does anybody know of a P-shop plugin for smoothing or maybe even creating drop shadows which are very smooth?
    we're having one issue in particular where a 4/C dropshadow extends under an image 1" or more. It is created on a layer by itself and the full .psd image imported into IDCS3.
    no matter what I do, I cannot get rid of a slight halo effect. I've tried many different blur / noise settings, Rampage screen settings, etc.
    I'm starting to think a P-shop plugin is necessary since I feel I've covered everything....
    Did I mention a competitor printed a similar piece where the dropshadows have no halo effect and fade perfectly???
    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: photoshop plugin?

    Just curious. Is there a reason that you're not putting a clipping path on your image and using IDCS3 for the creation of your shadows? Also, where is the halo showing up? is it at the outer edge of the shadow? where the shadow meets the image?

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      Re: photoshop plugin?

      Drop shadows in Photoshop can be misleading. The best thing is to do it in InDesign if you can, but another thing that I find sometimes necessary is to flaten the photoshop document. I know it is great to maintain transparency and whatnot, but sometimes results are not as expected. On these occasions, I find it necessary to flatten. As far as quality, I don't think there is a noticeable difference.


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        Re: photoshop plugin?

        well, I agree with the IDCS3 shadow comment, which is my preference for drop shadows.
        The files in question came in as P-Shop, layered, PSD files.

        The halo appears on the very outside of the shadow which fades to white....

        I haven't tried flattening before hitting the rip.....


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          Re: photoshop plugin?

          Hi Mac,
          1) You can tried flatten PSD w/drop shadow and save it as transparent TIF.

          2) Your description of halo outside of shadow and fading to white isn't something new. We encountered this problem when shadows were created in Indy and not PS. A lot of it has to do with transparency and how it's being printed. Ever since I reminded our main Indy designers to work in layers and keep all transparency items on separate layer, we have not seen it since.

          I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with PS plug-ins or any special settings. Adobe did document their known transparency issue pretty well, are you certain your Rampage is not outdated or the cause?


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            Re: photoshop plugin?

            InDesign doesn't acknowledge blend modes set on layers. So if your shadow is on a separate layer, set to multiply, it will come in as normal, not multiply, when you place the PSD in InDesign.

            What I do is save the shadow layer as a separate file with the same canvas area as the image I want to shadow. Then I duplicate the frame holding the image I want to use that shadow, and replace the image with the shadow file instead, set to multiply.

            Or you could use the layer visibility options in InDesign, instead of creating a separate file. For one frame, turn on just the image that needs the shadow, for the second, underlying frame, turn on just the shadow layer, and hide the image. Hope that makes sense.

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              Re: photoshop plugin?

              Here's one approach:

              Create the drop shadow on it's own layer (you can use the drop shadow effect then go to Layer>Layer Style>Create Layer)

              Create a white layer beneath the layer containing the shadow

              Merge the two layers

              Add noise to break up the shadow (this will also add noise to the white/background area)

              Open the Levels dialogue and alter the white point until the background is white again

              This layer will have a ragged edge that looks a lot better. You can simply multiply the layer in Photoshop, or you can place the shadow into your layout app and set it to multiply there (if it's not on the lowest layer).

              I've seen the halo look that you refer to, but I think it's an optical illusion. Can you measure a reduction in tint or ink where you see the halo?

              There are also noise settings for the drop shadow effects in Photoshop and InDesign, but you've probably tried that.

              I'd love to see the file.



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                Re: photoshop plugin?

                thanks for all the replies.

                I understand what you're saying Rich and I've tried to pass along info on creating dropshadows to our client, then I receive files where I have no idea how they were created until I see a Fuji finalproof, or worse, on press!

                The halo is there. confirmed in Pshop or a hi rez monitor proof in Rampage.

                Rich- if you send me your email, I'll post the image to "send this file" for you....


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                  Re: photoshop plugin?

                  rich, found your email.... the file info for downloading will be there shortly....



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