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Object Crop Marks in InDesign

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  • Object Crop Marks in InDesign

    Hi all-

    Simple question here - I think. I though there was a way to place crop marks around objects in InDesign (like the filter in Illustrator) but I can't find it anywhere. I'm doing all these gang impos for a digital press and manually placing the crop marks is KILLING me! I've searched the help and InDesign Bible and haven't found anything. So am I crazy?


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    Re: Object Crop Marks in InDesign

    Hi Kyle

    Check out the built in scripts that Adobe ships with InDesign. In the Scripts palette under sample scripts there is an Applescript and a Javascript that will do just what you're looking for.



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      Re: Object Crop Marks in InDesign

      I forgot to mention. The scripts come with the CS3 automatically, but you can install the CS2 versions from this link

      There's lots of great stuff here. Drop them into the InDesign folder in the Presets, Scripts folder. Then turn on the scripts palette in InDesign by going to the Window menu under Automation: Scripts.

      You may also want to check out the Adobe Studio Exchange for more user created scripts.



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        Re: Object Crop Marks in InDesign

        I just wanted to post a quick thank you!!!

        I've run into the same problems myself, and always just drew in the crop marks. I never knew about the Scripts window! I learned something today...



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          Re: Object Crop Marks in InDesign

          Something else to do as well is just export the files out of Indesign as "pdfs w/crops" then reimport them into indd on to the proper sheet for your gang run. Then you can just move the files around with crops fairly easily.


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            Re: Object Crop Marks in InDesign

            Thank you SO much Shawn. I stumbled on that script one day and said "I've got to remember this" a week later when I need it, I had totally forgotten. Anyway, you just save me a ton of time, so thanks again!


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              A bit late to this, but this is fantastic and totally made my day!
              Thanks so much!


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                Found this, exactly the answer i was looking for -Thanks!


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