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Helvetica vs Helvetica Medium

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  • Helvetica vs Helvetica Medium

    So, I have gone against everything I was ever trained and we have set up a set of 12 fonts that we use no matter what the client sends in.
    It works for THIS department is all I have to say. I have Courier (Plain, Bold, BO, Oblique), Times (X4) and Helvetica (X4).
    I turn these on permanent at the start of the day and for 2.5 years it has worked
    However, one strange thing. In INDD CS I ALWAYS have to substitute Helvetica with Helvetica Medium.
    I even asked at the Chicago Show in September if Adobe has something similar to Quark where you can tell it something to always substitute. They do
    Does anyone have a solution for this?

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    Re: Helvetica vs Helvetica Medium

    This issue just came up a few days ago on the InDesign Secrets blog with a reference to Adobe's Typeblography by Thomas Phinney. It has to do with a bug in the way that older versions of InDesign handled fonts. They basically equated Medium weights with Regular, which as you've discovered causes some problems with certain fonts.

    I'm not sure of the fix for CS1, but apparently they've fixed it in newer versions. Check out the blogs below, they have some great info on exactly how InDesign picks which font to use if there are conflicts.



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