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DCS2.0 Files and Illustrator

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  • DCS2.0 Files and Illustrator

    I was just wondering if I could get a little help with an issue i am having.
    I am working on a project in which the whole image will be printed in Spot colors and the nature of the image would require me to edit the art in Photoshop. So i have created a Multichannel image and saved it as a DCS 2.0 file. This image now has to be prepped for print and sent to China for printing. Our Vendor in China only accepts illustrator ai documents. When i link the DCS2.0 document in illustrator I get a message that says; " Linked DCS EPS files interacting with transparency will not print to separations accurately (host - based) or at all ( In - RIP). "
    Is there another file format I can save my photoshop document as, and still maintain my spot channels? Or is there another way of importing this file into Illustrator that will work best? ( such as creating an EPS out of INDD)

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    Re: DCS2.0 Files and Illustrator

    PSD file - make a CMYK file with additional Spot channels - this can also be embedded in AI - it will create a series of opacity masks.


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      Re: DCS2.0 Files and Illustrator

      Okay, sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply. Everything looks good. But I am a little confused about the CMYK portion still being in the image. will this be an issue at all for my vendor? Especialy since i only want the image printed in Spot, or rather it can only be printed in Spot colors.

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        Re: DCS2.0 Files and Illustrator

        Make sure to list the used inks - and to ignore CMYK.

        MC files can't be placed in AI.

        DCS files don't support transparency below CS3.

        When everything is in a native Adobe format life gets alot easier.


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