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InDesign exporting issues with slug area

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  • InDesign exporting issues with slug area

    I have a customer supplied InDesign file that I have updated. It has facing master pages with left and right page characteristics. The page size is 7.5" x 10". I added crop marks and bleed marks. The customer wants the file exported to PDF with a viewable size of 11" x 17". I added a slug area in InDesign, 3.5" top and bottom, 1.75" inside and outside, in order to show the printer marks. The issue is that when I export it and open it up in Acrobat to view it, a piece of the opposite page is showing in the slug area. In other words, the left page has a 1.75" slug on it's right side and it's left side and the slug area on the right side of the lefthand page is showing 1.75" of content from the right hand page. and vice versa.

    How can I get rid of that without having to remake the whole InDesign file as single pages. Why is the content from the opposite page showing in the slug area?

    I am using CS3.

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    Re: InDesign exporting issues with slug area

    The only way I see around it is to turn off the slug area when exporting, that should give you a pdf with marks on a slightly larger page than the 7.5" x10" trim size. Then, put that pdf in a new 11"x17" InDesign file, center it on the page and re-export it with all marks off. It may be better than rebuilding as single pages, but then again, it adds an extra step.

    Good Luck.
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      Re: InDesign exporting issues with slug area

      Thanks for your reply. I will try that and see what happens. If worse comes to worse I will just make the pages single pages and fix all the stuff that shifts. I can lock all of the contents into position so it shouldn't be to rough, but if I can eliminate all of that extra work that would be a plus. Thanks again.


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