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InDesgin Document open times very long

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  • InDesgin Document open times very long

    I have a customer who is having some issues with InDeisgn documents taking a very long time to open. The Mac's they are on, don't seem to be the issue (newer iMacs), but they do run Suitcase and they just upgraded their InDesign/Creative cloud recently and that's when the slow-down started. They have turned off Suitcase, but that does not seem to help. Any other idea's or clues to help them?


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    Document specific or all files? Possible corrupt preferences file?


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      happens with every file... long open times and close times. maybe preferences???? Do you have an idea of which one? :-)


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        Just some ideas...

        Restart machine and check Activity Viewer App. Make sure nothing else is hogging memory.
        1- Outline fonts... reopen file. Still takes a ling time, fonts not the issue.
        2- Save file to desktop... reopen file. Still takes a ling time, file server not the issue. (if it is really every file this is a prime suspect but they would see the same issue in illustrator and photoshop)
        3- Install an older version of Ind and test open and save speeds.
        If those three don't do it, its likely something in the files.
        -transparency, effects, etc.


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          also, check and see if preflighting is ticked on the panel. sometimes that can really slow things down. also, you can set some of the preferences to try and help: under display performance, try cranking the sliders to better performance and make sure, especially if you have a newer iMac, that you have the GPU performance button ticked. also, in the file handling preference, you can uncheck the link checking features and the previews. other than that, you can turn off previews and thumbnails in the pages panel. they really shouldn't be having those kind of problems with newer machines. almost seems like bad prefs or overloaded machines.


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            How old is the Mac? Mechanical HDD or SSD? Hard-drive could be failing.
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              Hi wiseguy,

              Try opening InDesign, create a new document with no content in it, save it, close it, and re-open it. Does it open slow as well?



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                Some other questions . . . how much ram - system software version - Fusion drive . . .
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                  Quick question, what is the CAS latency on the RAM installed on your machine? This would help if we knew this. Also if you have a turbo clock speed for your processor and if you've done any overclocking. Do you like cream in your coffee? These are important to know before we can fully address your issue.

                  Many thanks,

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                    Thanks for all the suggestions. The customer got it fixed with help from Adobe, but the operator has no idea what they did to fix it. I would have liked to have known just out of curiosity... but oh well... they are working. :-)


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                      Do you think he accidentally changed the DRAM frequency? Perhaps enabled AHCI fixed it. Some of these settings are pretty easy to change the values, so that might be the case.


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                        Does your customer have the possibility to open the file on another computer, perhaps in another friendly company?


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