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Looking for a company that does quality Quark to InDesign conversions

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  • Looking for a company that does quality Quark to InDesign conversions

    Looking for someone that can handle Quark to InDesign conversions of backlist fiction and picture book titles. I see lots of companies that advertise this service but all they are doing is a basic Q2ID conversion, saving the file, and sending it back to you. I need someone that will re-establish text wraps, drop caps, ensure text breaks are consistent with the original edition, etc. So, basically, a high-end conversion.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Gregg,

    Have you approached Markzware themselves. They provide a conversion service in addition to the plug in. If they are unable to help you, they might be able to recommend someone. I've found them to be super helpful in the past.

    Alternatively you could try the QuarkXPress user group on Facebook. It's a closed group so you will have to apply but many members have both ID and Quark and might be able to offer you the service you need.


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      What Tim-Ellis said



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        Hi, thanks for those who mentioned it. Yes, we (Markzware) do offer a one-off file conversion service. See:

        All based on the full product, Q2ID, which you can download and use yourself, which is easier in many cases, for a small fee.
        Markzware Q2ID Quark to InDesign plugin: convert, open QuarkXPress QXP files in Adobe InDesign INDD, for QuarkXPress to InDesign conversion.


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          I sent you a DM regarding this Gregg


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