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InDesign numbering inside cells vertically instead of horizontally.

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  • InDesign numbering inside cells vertically instead of horizontally.

    Good day everyone, it has been a while!

    Okay so I have a small issue, I need to apply numbering to cells in a table using a pre-defined style, I know about the levels and new lists but I can't get InDesign to follow the numbers vertically through the cells. Every time I write in a new cell in the next column, the numbering switches to horizontal and then continues to the cells below.

    To explain it better, I want the words inside the table to start with (1,2,3,4) in one column in 4 different rows, then continue (5,6,7,8) in the next column. But what is happening is that InDesign is counting 1 and 2 horizontally and the third number below "1" is becoming "3" instead of "2".

    I hope I made myself clear, and I hope someone can tell me right away that this is not applicable without manual editing because I have been trying the so many workarounds I know but none seems to work. Thank you anyway!

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    Can you post a screen shot of what you are trying to do? I am much more visual, not fully understanding what you are trying to achieve.


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      He wants the columns to flow down 4 then over, ID is flowing across then down.


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        You can paste from Excel into the tables pretty easily. Not the ideal fix but it will work.


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          If columns are equal width, thread a single column table through a multi column text frame. Adjust cells vertically as needed for alignment.


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            Thank you everyone for the hints, I see there is no way InDesign has it covered automatically and that I always have manual work left to do.



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