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  • Illustrator cs3

    We're working a large file that keeps closing the app. and submitts a report.
    linked files
    PDF comes out 153mb

    anyone have any ideas to throw out.
    We looked for prefs to dump; couldn't find where to do that.


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    Re: Illustrator cs3

    Is it PDF/X-1a joboptions from Adobe that you used?



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      Re: Illustrator cs

      I've seen this happen before. It's really frustrating.... the more images you have linked the more frustrating it can be. When I've encountered this it's typically because one or more of the placed images have corrupted.

      The best way to see if this is case is to grab all of the linked files and move them so that Illy doesn't know where to look for them. If the file opens fine (other than the missing images) then you know it's the problem. If it +is+ the problem you can try opening all of the linked images b/c in my experience the problem image(s) will often cause the native app to crash as well. Or, you can reintroduce controlled groups of the linked graphics so that Illy can find them again.... then you just widdle away the same way until you find the one causing the issue. If you're lucky you can hide that one linked file and tell Illy to extract it when it tells you it can't find it. Sometimes it can recreate a usable version for you. Otherwise you better hope you have another version somewhere.....

      Hope this helps.



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        Re: Illustrator cs

        .... Oh, and if you wanted to dump your prefs just run a search on .plist files... find the Illy ones, trash 'em and reopen. It doesn't sound like that's the problem, though.


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