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CS2 causing issues/crashing?

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  • CS2 causing issues/crashing?

    I always seemed to run into issues with things like Photoshop loading then immediately crashing after loading (with that critical stop sound) after a few days, but thought I might solve that problem once I got my new pc. However, it's worse. I got a new pc here a couple of weeks ago (core 2 duo 2.33 ghz, 2 gigs ram, sata 250 gig HD, 128 meg video, XP Pro, etc etc), and every day, if not after a couple of hours, it "crashes". I'll try to open photoshop or another adobe program and I'll get errors, or it just immediately closes (with that critical stop sound). A reboot is the only thing that fixes it. I am no where near using up the RAM (around 400-500 megs). Any ideas on what I can do besides start all over and rebuild? Is there a known issue with this?

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    Re: CS2 causing issues/crashing?

    Easy way: Re-install CS2. But I like to do a nice full cleaning when things go awry, and then make a clone on a second internal HD or an external HD. Gotta love a backup!

    I don't know of a known issue with Photoshop, but if you bought a PC with all kinds of crap installed, I would use Add/Remove in Control Panel to remove what you can, then you could try to run a couple programs I realy like:
    RegSeeker, which cleans out the registry of all old stuff that may be causing crashed or other problems.
    CleanUp!, which removes all temporary files in the system you may not know you even had (from installs, etc.) and also prefetch files.
    Also, I use ZoneAlarm for my firewall. It not only warns of incoming traffic, but also outgoing traffic (like a program trying to "phone home"), and gives you the opportunity to let through or stop what you want.

    Every time a Windows machine starts having problems, I install these three in addition to free adware/spyware programs.

    After that, if Photoshop is still messing up, re-install it, and when everything is working fine, if you have a second internal HD, start up from BootIt NG and easily copy and paste to make a clone of the machine. Warning: I just use the second internal drive to store my clone, and then if something happens to the initial install (first drive) I delete the initial install on the first drive, copy the clone from second hard drive, and paste it on the first hard drive (easy stuff and fast or faster than any other restore method).

    I only boot up the second hard drive ONLY if the first hard drive dies, because if I boot it up it wants me to activate Windows again, and I'm not activating the same Windows on two different hard drives for fear that the other one won't work after that - and we can thank Microsoft's Windows Genuine (dis)Advantage for this, it started with XP. If you've got Windows 2000 you can boot from multiple copies of the same operating system and not have to activate - no activation issues at all, so can always have a backup in the state you want it if trouble arises again in the future.



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      Re: CS2 causing issues/crashing?

      It was a clean install on a brand new custom built machine, so no junkware installed

      Once I got the pc, I installed all the software I needed (cs2, plugins, etc, etc), then we did an image of it so I would have a clean install base... however, this one just doesn't seem so clean. I might just have to start from scratch and start all over, I just hate to do it and waste the time as well.


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        Re: CS2 causing issues/crashing?

        You could always search for Adobe and delete it all and the reinstall, or just try reinstalling Photoshop. On Mac, I would say it could be a permissions problem on the application's font folder or system font folder that the application uses. I've had the problem on Mac when starting, and knew it was a fonts problem (actually turned out to be a permissions problem) when I started the program(s) and would crash upon starting up when loading fonts. If it is a corrupt font or a permissions problem, might be best to remove all but the required fonts and make the application or fonts folder read/write for everyone.



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          Re: CS2 causing issues/crashing?

          It sounds more like for some reason the preferences is getting corruptted. I would try something as simple as deleting the preference file. to do this launch photoshop and then while it loads hold down the Ctrl - Alt & shift keys at the same time. Follow the prompts to delete and restore the preferences to default settings. This fixed the problem I had of launching PS and when it was about to open it closed out.


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