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  • printing business cards

    Hey wussup everyone,

    I am not in the print industry and don't know much about printing. I recently purchased a Xerox docucolor 12 and would like to print some business cards out of that printer.

    So first, i have the design i finished in adobe photoshop.

    What I don't know is the next few steps that I have to do.
    I would like to know what program I can use to layout the finished business card into even rows for printing where it makes the cut lines. Is there a program that creates these templates?
    Then i would like to know what program I can use to convert to a postscript file? Adobe Acrobat maybe?

    I think after that I can just create the postscript file and drop it into a job right and print?

    Thanks in advanced for your help! Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: printing business cards

    You need to buy a DI man. Slap a PDF together and hot folder to a 52DI.....$500,000.00 will print a nice Biz card


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      Re: printing business cards

      You would want to place the Photoshop document into InDesign (if you have it), step-and-repeat the business card (business card size usually 3.5 x 2 inches), and print to your printer from there. If wanting to simulate press output, would need to do this in the color management tab of the Print dialog.



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        Re: printing business cards

        a really cheap way would be to download a FREE businesscard template from any number of label companies ( I used avery). Some are designed to open in Photoshop and some in word. Just copy and paste the image into the boxes and print away. Good Luck


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          use a vector type sw like corel or illustrator, print quality will be much higher then photoshop!
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            I don't have the spec sheet in front of me but I believe once you get over 80lb cover the Doc12 slows down to 4 or 5 pages a minute, just something to keep in mind.


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              Wow, Welcome to a post from LAST year where the guy never even returned.


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