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    I am in the middle of picking up an inventory of AGFA Advantage CLS 3850 violet imaging equipment. there are two sets each. In addition to the 3850 CLS there is two VSP 85S image processor and two Dell 690 servers.

    I need to be there Monday to supervise the load out. My biggest fear is scavengers. While one would think a newspaper is a highly secured location, if scavengers are determined to strip out value pieces hoping to get by unnoticed in the flurry of people traffic in and out of the imaging room. I would like to ask your advice on where I can obtain something, a PDF or other docs which can help me get an idea of the little bits, and pieces, I need to NOT overlook which could greatly impede the reuse of this 2007 model AGFA 3850 CLS.

    One I get it here I plan on aggressively selling it to a newspaper organization but I do not want egg on my face by having key elements overlooked for want my ignorance. I am not a tech I am a recovery specialist and it is sounding more and more like key parts may be gone which I will not recognize as essential before I even arrive on Monday.

    Can anyone reference me a manual to Download for the AGFA Advantage 3850 CLS, the VSP 85S processor and what the content of the precision 690 server should be. Is it a RIP, is it only the OS for the AGFA ... How could I be ripped off? That is the question. Even inadvertently, I am doing my best to acquire the original bill of lading but from a purely technicians posture where will it go wrong if it in fact goes wrong This is so important I have set up a special email [|] I am attaching a scan of the drawing of the gear in the footprint of the imaging room
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