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  • Sherpamatic software

    The company I work for recently purchased the AGFA Sherpamatic v1.29. However, it came with no software. I would assume there is some sort of installation software. I contacted AGFA tech support. They asked what kind of rip we are using, which is Rampage. Agfa said they couldn't help me unless I was a customer (probably wanting to set up service contract). They told me to contact Rampage. Rampage said I could drive the proofs using Oris, which we have in place. But I still need a driver cd or something to establish connectivity. I tried finding somewhere online to download the driver/install software, but couldn't. Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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    Re: Sherpamatic software

    Although I do use a SherpaMatic with our Agfa workflow, I have never seen or used Oris so I will take a shot in the dark. I am assuming somewhere in the Oris software there is a place to enter connection settings to an output device. If so, is there a field for IP address for the SherpaMatic? Perhaps entering the IP of the Matic would suffice or does Oris offer a selection of various brand printers to choose from?

    That aside, I do know that the actual engine inside the SherpaMatic is built by Mutoh and I believe they call it the RJ-800 "Falcon" engine. I found a link to download the driver which seems to work with just about all versions of Windows. Looks like the site wants you to become a member before you could download it (says it's free to do so).

    My only concern is whether the driver is smart enough to know that the SherpaMatic is manufactured as a dual-sided printer. Here's the link...

    Good luck!
    Jon :-)


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      Re: Sherpamatic software

      Thanks Jon- I appreciate the info. I feel like a kitten amongst lions in this prepress world. I am a graphic designer trying to be a prepress tech... anyway. Oris has a printer output option, but it is printer brand specific. I haven't tried the Mutoh driver, but I will if I can get it. I'll probably have to contact agfa again and see what its going to take to get it set up.. I could try Oris too; However, I'm learning quick that unless you have a service contract, its tough to get pass the front door!



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        Re: Sherpamatic software

        I have not used sherpamatic, but have had dealing with most of the other duplex systems around, based on HPs and Epsons. To get the most out of double sided systems you usually need more than just the output printer driver. usualy there is some kind of management system to calibrate the alignment of the second side to the first side for registration as well as options for rotation (for perfector type jobs) and options for minor rotation for softwareskew adjustment and length compensation for stretch)


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