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Avantra Image offset

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  • Avantra Image offset

    I'm having a problem with my trusty old avantra 30 imagesetter moving the image across the plate. never by more than a half inch, but enough to cause problems and need for adjustments by the pressmen. I was thrown into this job with no formal training and a pat on the back. if you need more details let me know and I will be happy to tell you everything I know.

    Also we have changed from the apogee RIP to the Harlequin and there has been no change in the problem so I feel certian that it is not a RIP issue.

    Help please I'm very "imagesetter retarded"

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    Re: Avantra Image offset

    i have the same problem but i'm using film
    in my case it's a problem film loading problem you must center the film carefully
    but in plate mode status .. sorry
    i would ask you when upgrade your rip to HQ the tuner and ext .. replace with controls in the HQ ?


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      Re: Avantra Image offset

      I've got two 44's that run film. Not sure if this is relevant.

      Well, if you've been through multiple rolls and the film is still off I'd say that someone gave the input cassette spindle a nasty knock or got confused and worked off the fixed end. One end cap is fixed and the other comes off but locks into groves of the known widths. Either you're not up against the fixed plate or it's been moved. You may also want to check the cassette settings. If you run large image areas the difference between left align and center can be a small amount. Check the spindle first though.


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        Re: Avantra Image offset

        Is the image consistant in reference to the edge of the material, but each image starts in a different spot? If you run 4 plates/film, is each one different? If so, you will need service on the Avantra. The Digital Encoder is going out on the carriage and needs to be replaced and aligned. This requires a special tool to remove the carriage and the software to make the alignment.


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