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  • agfa print drive LE

    recently we are planning to upgrade and use agfa print drive LE
    our primary target is : we are have a screened tiff files I want to expose it on avantra 44S
    secondary target : enhance the controls from rip since we are use taipan and it's very old and poor
    help from anyone use it or try it we are welcome
    because i don't know anything about this program (history - versions - options)
    i read on the web the LE version is come with open connect (this is for tiff on i think)

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    Re: agfa print drive LE

    Yes, the PrintDrive LE will accept a 1-bit TIFF.

    "OpenConnect" is a standard feature of :Apogee PrintDrive LE and integrates Agfa output engines with all non-Agfa workflows"

    I would seriously look at a workflow upgrade rather than a PrintDrive. Since you have a Taipan, you can trade it in on a new :ApogeeX Render 4.0. The newer system will increase your performance and help with any transparency issues. Better yet, move to :Apogee X Control and you will move into the world of workflow rather than a simple RIP.

    Remember, a newer :Apogee X workflow / server can drive the Avantra direct with no need for a PrintDrive.

    Talk to your local AGFA rep and see what they can do for you.


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      Re: agfa print drive LE

      Is more eficient change you old rip for one Harlequin , XItron or simolar RIP, if you need add imposition solutioncan use Preps an input PDF and send PDF to RIP.

      PrintDrive is only one TIF catcher, and need some rip for raster the pages.

      Xitron RIP with GPS is very more eficient, fast and powerfull tool.

      ApogeeX is good but need powerfull hardware, 8 a 10 mil USD and this have hi cost, and Xitron can be mounted in one litle server with Two Procesor and 1 or 2 G of Ram with 2 Sata drive, one for system and second for rip, alternative can be Mirror array of Hard disk for bakup. all this no cost more of 2 mil usd.

      Cost of ApogeeX start in 200% of any Xitron RIP.

      If you need upgrade your raster sistem taipan or PDF rip, change to HArlequin Xitron or other OEM of Harlequin, but xitron interface card is more trustworthy of rest.

      this rip can process any file PDF, PS, TIF, ONE BIT TIF, LW/CT File, JPG, etc., and is compatible with PDF/X 1 and 3 standar.

      have integrated Conventional, DIsperse and Hybrid screen with long list of type of dot, all is very simple of configurate

      I not one dealer, only have experience with bot system AGFA, CREO and HArlequin XiTRON, and I think more simple option for you is change to Harlequin RIP - home page of xitron - one dealer of this rips in miami.


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        TIFF output to Agfa Print Drive

        If you are going to image to an Agfa Avantra 44 and process TIFF files coming in then an older Harlequin RIP would work perfect (as long as the program creating your files is a newer application). With Agfa Print Drive / Open Connect the Harlequin RIP or a Harlequin Workflow would be a good choice if you want to connect up directly to the Avantra or if you want to feed out 1-bit TIFF files to the machine via some older software (Agfa Viper, Agfa Taipan, etc.). The downside here is you are relying on older software and hardware. Better if you are going to be relying on the machine to get a new RIP. You can find out more about the Harlequin RIP online at Harlequin RIP, Harlequin RIPs, Software RIP, NEW! Harlequin Software RIP Version 8.1 TIFF RIPs start at around $3,500 but the price depends on the options and computer configurations as well. Imagesetter RIPs are also an option: Harlequin RIP Software for Platesetters and Imagesetters. Film & Plate RIP Software for Platesetters and Film Imagesetters. This would allow you to connect directly to the imagesetter.


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          how to connect a print drive to an Eagle RIP software rip

          I see friend you have experience on agfa print drive. Please let me tell you what my problem is. I bought an Agfa Xcalibur45 CTP without Apogee RIP, I have the PC Console software, and Harlequin RIP or Eagle RIP PS III (both), I have been told that I needed a print drive to use it as a tif catcher, all is fine up to here. I ordered the print drive from a prepress equipment dealer and now I can not find the way to make the connection between this and the software rips. This guy does not have any idea how to do this.
          I really appreciate your advice on this problem.


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