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APIS Card Compatibility?

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  • APIS Card Compatibility?

    Does anyone know if an APIS card that's installed in a Mac PowerPC 9500/120 will slot straight into a blue/white Mac G3?

    The card in my G3 based setup has died but I may be able to aquire the PowerPC cheaply and swap the cards - if they're compatible. Both are (I think?) PCI slot based machines, and both are running Viper 1.9.2, but are there any hardware differences in the card? Any ideas, anyone?

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    Re: APIS Card Compatibility?

    i think that card will work fine on that G3, also on a PC machine, if you have the proper driver.


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      Re: APIS Card Compatibility?

      Thanks John. Now let's hope I can get it for the right price


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        Agfa APIS PAC Board

        I have agfa APIS Card which working fine on Agfa Accuset 1000 but when I connect with Agfa Avantra 25 messege appair "failed to open APIS driver"

        can anyone help


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          I have an APIS card in a Powermac running Viper 1.9.2 and the mac died. If I put this in a PC, how would I get drivers / software? How does the dongle work? Would there be a driver i could just use like a regular printer driver?


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            It works fine in PC but you need Taipan RIP for PC or ApogeePDF RIP SoftWare with its own dongle.
            You have no way to save your money up to the last penny, some investments required to keep your Imagesetter running.


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