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agfa apoge pdf rip problem

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  • agfa apoge pdf rip problem

    i have a problem in apoge pdf rip installed on win2000server with 2giga ram and dual proccesor
    when we are send a 4c ps file in 2400dpi with 175 lpi
    we are get this error
    %%[ Error: rangecheck; OffendingCommand: sethalftone ]%%
    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%

    when we try the same file in the same resolution withh lower lpi like 133 it's ok

    i config in tuner and try several things like i give all memory to rip ...
    but the result is same
    when we send 2c or 1c all things is ok ...
    any suggest ?

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    Re: agfa apoge pdf rip problem

    Hi Lio,

    Check the following link, it has some suggestions of things to try and possible causes of the error:

    Hope this helps!
    Jon Morgan
    Hopkins Printing


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      Re: agfa apoge pdf rip problem

      i try it before anyway thanks for suggest


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        Re: agfa apoge pdf rip problem

        now i'm notice that's onlt 2400dpi 175lpi halftone give me this error when i use 3600dpi 175lpi i don't have a problem
        i try to reinstall the rip software but the error the same
        pobebly my main setup files is damaged
        any one could supply me the setup files he is welcome
        for any info please conatct


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          Re: agfa apoge pdf rip problem

          Hi Lio,

          Agfa RIP copy files of each screen rulling set like 175 lpi @ 2400 dpi during installation, for Round Dot & Elliptical DOT, might be your installation CD is crupted, let me know if you still require then I will send you the required files which you can copy to selected folder I hope it will work.


          Riz Khan


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            Re: agfa apoge pdf rip problem

            Wish I had seen this sooner. Sounds to me like your just asking for a tile that's not in your rule map. Remember, the Agfa RIP is just matching up the line rule and resolution data to a premade "tile" that is a bitmap of the screen to be used. Not all rulings exist at all resolutions and 175 at 2400 seems like it's pushing it. This can happen if your PPD was is out of synch with your actual RIP config or if you manually type a line rule in without verifying it first. Run Agfaset and see what your maps hold. If you have a 175 tile for 2400 you can add it to the map through the resource editor. If you can't get a hand on Agfaset you may have a tough time figuring it all out. In the RIP Pilot window it's under tools with Tuner.exe. If you make any changes to the maps you typically want to make a new PPD so things like Illustrator Separation setup show you relevant information when picking screens but you can force it if you know better and as long as the current maps have a match come render time it'll work.


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