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Viper 1.9.2 enginless mode message / new APIS

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  • Viper 1.9.2 enginless mode message / new APIS

    I have just purchased a used APIS card,dongle and software and installed them in a mac 8500 / 120 . I remaned the old viper software, save it on the hard drive, but did not trash it. When I go yo start up my mac it freezes. If I restart with extentions off and turn off the Pac Driver in my control panels I can start up, and launch the Viper, but it goes into Enginless Mode? A this point I'm stuck. Has anyone had a problem like this? What do I need to do? Thanks, Jeff
    PS My old viper card was producing blank film, that's why I replaced it???

    Edited by: Jeff on Apr 9, 2008 11:00 AM
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