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:Apogee Prepress??

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  • :Apogee Prepress??

    Hi all,

    Have any of you seen the Drupa releases from AGFA advertising :Apogee Prepress? Just wondering if anyone has any extra info on this release and whether this is going to replace the current ApogeeX platform? If so I hope we qualify for a free upgrade under our current agreement!! Only installed X4.0 in September last year, would hate to think we are going to be out of date already!!

    Cheers, Tony

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    Re: :Apogee Prepress??

    Yes, Apogee Prepress is basically renamed ApogeeX. Drupa version will be 5.0. As for the free upgrade, I guess it all depends on the actual wording used in the contract...


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      Re: :Apogee Prepress??

      Same thing different name.


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        Re: :Apogee Prepress??

        Agfa has committed to at least one major version "x".0 release per year.
        So expect Apogee Prepress (version 5.0) to be shipping by the fall.
        This is the latest way to improve the revenue stream.


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          Re: :Apogee Prepress??

          Thanks for the replies everyone!! Yea I will have to check into our agreement again to see if we are eligible... I have the feeling that we signed up for some sort of included software upgrades over the next 12 months so see how we go. Anyway, anyone going to DRUPA and checking this version out?? Interested to see if it offers any new features or if its just a new name/marketing ploy... Cheers, Tony


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            Re: :Apogee Prepress??

            > {quote:title=tony_mclachlan wrote:}{quote}
            > Anyway, anyone going to DRUPA and checking this version out??

            I am planning on seeing the new version at GraphExpo in Chicago later this year. Anyone else going to GraphExpo?

            Jon Morgan
            Hopkins Printing


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              Re: :Apogee Prepress??

              Cool Jon, please make sure to post your impressions... Thanks!


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