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  • AGFA PDF Rip

    We own the software, we unplugged the main computer and relocated it.

    We now get DEMO across all the films....What happened???????

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    Re: AGFA PDF Rip

    check your dongle, is it properly connected with computer???


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      Re: AGFA PDF Rip



      There is no dongle, it's a Agfa Accuset. It has a cable running out the back to the computer, cable is twice the size of a old printer cable.


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        Re: AGFA PDF Rip

        Did you get a new "key" file after you purchased the software? .... you will probably be able to find it in the
        folder on your RIP.

        even with the dongle, you need the appropriate "key" file to match the dongle .... at least that's the way our Agfa PDF rips function.

        good luck.


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          Re: AGFA PDF Rip

          Hey Thanks

          There is No Dongle.

          Agfa accuset 800plus, running Agfa PDF rip software.

          There is one main cable running out of the imagesetter to the computer.
          The computer has no other connection to the imagesetter.

          We have tried reloading the software, but there is no "enter serial number here" prompt.

          Any ideas?


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            Re: AGFA PDF Rip

            Did you get this from Agfa?

            I'd try getting help directly from them, even if it means paying them for it (no support agreement in place); it's costing you even more money having it sit there unusable.


            Other than that, I'm afraid I'm dry at this point.

            Sorry, and good luck.


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              Re: AGFA PDF Rip

              All Agfa PDF Rips use a hardware key, known as a dongle. It's a small rectangular piece that looks like an RS-232 extender, male on one side female on the other usually dark blue with a sticker "Agfa PDFRip WIN". On most rips it was on the lpt port. May have been mistaken for cable clutter. Newer installations use a USB version that looks like an aqua-marine colored thumb drive. There's probably a message in the job log and it's entirely possible there was a message about WIBUKEY driver that flashed up right after boot. Actually I think it would be the very first line in the Rip Messages pane of the RIP pilot when it boots up.

              Try really hard to find it. They're worth about $8,000. If you had OPI or In-RIP trapping there may have been a few piggy backed.


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