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Parsing Printdrive Series 3 job list, changes in ApogeeX 4?

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  • Parsing Printdrive Series 3 job list, changes in ApogeeX 4?

    Does anyone have any information on how Printdrive (Series 3) interprets and displays job information from its raster data folder? We would like to extact a text list of all the jobs in the system.

    Currently we use a script that parses either the audit.log or .pdj files located in the job subfolders in the raster data folder. Our text parser is not robust enough to pick up all the job names: audit.log is a log file with no definitive format where the job name can be isolated, and the .pdj file is in some type of binary format with embedded text strings.

    Unfortunately, the raster data location does not function in the same manner as the backup raster location. Folders on the filesytem are renamed to the Printdrive job name when the backup device is taken offline.

    We raised this issue with our local Agfa office on a number of occasions but they still have not provided a solution.

    As an aside, I believe Printdrive is more tighly integrated with ApogeeX 4. Is there any information on how Printdrive job management has changed under v4?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Parsing Printdrive Series 3 job list, changes in ApogeeX 4?

    Hi Gort, we archive all of our PrintDrive files (terabytes of data). When you take the raster location "offline" and have the "named folders" option selected you will see the folders with the full name on them not just the PrintDrive ID number where as if you do not use this option the folder will stay named as the PrintDrive ID number. We have used a free third party utility to then print out a list of the items in that window/directory.


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