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  • Agfa ICC profiles

    I removed this request because I figured out a work-around.

    Edited by: Kyle Faucett on Apr 9, 2008 4:00 PM

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    Re: Agfa ICC profiles

    What is it?
    Better train people and risk they leave - than do nothing and risk they stay.


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      Re: Agfa ICC profiles

      I feel so cheated.


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        Re: Agfa ICC profiles

        Yeah, share the info Kyle!
        Better train people and risk they leave - than do nothing and risk they stay.


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          Re: Agfa ICC profiles

          My original post did not relate to a particular problem. If it had, I would have posted the solution for the sake of everyone else. Agfa ICC profiles have a private tag embedded in the file, and this is what Printdrive (and I assume other Agfa programs) reads, ignoring all of the other data. I assume that the private tag is created by Colortune, and we apparently lost our Colortune dongle before I started working where I am now. My original post, back in October, was requesting fellow forum users to send me ICC profiles created with Colortune, especially if they had two similar but not identical profiles (such as before and after a slight modification), so that I would have more source data in my attempt to decipher the data in the private tag. Because I didn't get any response for so long, it appeared as though my thread died a sad and lonely death. I have worked around the various things I was trying to accomplish, namely modifying our color profiles, by using custom software programs I created. I removed the original post by editing it out so that no one would go to the trouble of replying now that it has become a moot issue (although the chances seemed slim).

          Apparently this thread has become quite popular now that it indicates that I found a solution to a problem. So here's the modus operandi I will use in the future if I would like some help on an issue (please don't reveal my secret plan to anyone):

          1. Post a question: "Does anyone know the answer to life, the universe, and everything?"
          2. Reply to myself: "Nevermind - figured it out."
          3. When petitioned for my elusive, unpublished solution, offer it in exchange for what I am actually seeking.
          4. After getting what I'm after, reply "42."

          Edited by: Kyle Faucett on Apr 14, 2008 6:40 PM


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