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Press densitometer conversion to CYMK sample

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  • Press densitometer conversion to CYMK sample

    We have a fairly accurate EPSON that produces reasonable proofs on proprietary semi-gloss stock. We have clients who would like a proof on their target stock (linen or other frivolous coloured stock). The thing is, not all stocks can be coaxed into the EPSON, so, as an idea I would like to find a conversion tool (or math equation) to use the press densitometer as a stock sampler. I hope to input a tint layer in my proofs (content as multiply of course) to show the client what the job will look like on the said stock.

    Anyone know of a conversion tool to use a densitometer as a CYMK colour sampler?

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    Re: Press densitometer conversion to CYMK sample

    Hi there

    I know very little about pre press but im in the process of picking new things up. That said you cant use a densitometer to accurateley measure paper colour (in therory you could collect the reflected values form all of the filters and use that) but if you have a spectorphotometer then you could measure the lab values and use that. Then enter the values in photoshop as LAB values and get the CMYK values form that (i assume from photoshops look up tables) I think this is possible but as nobody has replied so far it may not be. Then with your cmyk breakdown use that as the background .

    All sounds very easy to a printer, so im ready to be shot down



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      Re: Press densitometer conversion to CYMK sample

      Using a photospectromiter would clearly be the best solution. If you don't have one, I would suggest using a normal scanner. You may also want to print a section of the CMYK grid from Pantone on your printer and simply compare it to the sample.


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        Re: Press densitometer conversion to CYMK sample

        Paul Green is right. Use a Spectro, measure the L*a*b values, make that your background tint and proof away. You can only do this if you are running proper prrofing software into the Epson, such as GMG, Oris, EFI Colorproof etc.
        The Epson on its own is not a proofer - the software makes it one.


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