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Alwan 3.01 color server

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  • Alwan 3.01 color server

    I thought I had this all worked and started to deploy this color server. First job was a indesign cs3 job with psd files it would go through the server but the files would not be optimized. I had to change the psd file to tif file before optimizer would work. I tried all versions of acrobat with the psd file in place - no optimization. Then with the tiff file it only optimized the lowest version. As far as I know the .psd file is not supported directly but should go in a pdf file

    As most indesign workflows use .ai and .psd files this is a big problem for us. Plus it is supposed to work on Acrobat 8.0 files

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    Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

    How did you created your PDF files out of Indesign ?


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      Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

      No compression no profiles and tried exporting as acrobat 4 through 8

      the whole thing goes like this in the testing phase everything seemed to work. The first live job was a indesign CD3 with a psd file placed in it. Would not optimize no matter which version of acrobat. We change the .psd to a ,tif file and exported all versions. The .tif in version 4 seemed to optimize. We have alwan set to always optimize

      Since most of out customers use .psd and .ai files place in Indesign this is a major issue unless I have Alwan set up incorrectly. It is a new self installation



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        Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

        I am using AlwanColorHub ver. 3.0.1. I created a PDF using InDesign CS3 with a .psd file placed in Indesign before creating the PDF file. The file was successfully Ink optimized.

        This leads me to believe that AlwanColorHub CMYK Optimizer does optimize .psd files. I would be interested in testing your file. I could run it through my CMYK optimizer to see if it works with my settings. If it works, I can let you know how I have mine setup.

        Do you have an ftp site that you could make the file available for me to download? I would need the native packaged Indesign file with the linked images etc... along with the one of your PDF files that doesn't optimize.


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          Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

          sent you a email offline with ftp or http downloads

          thank you this has been on my plate for days

          Since Alwan is in France and I am in Washington state I get a small window each day and progress is really slow



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            Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

            I am downloading the file now. I'm behind a firewall and it's a very slow download because of this. I'll keep you updated when I get the files downloaded and tested.


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              Re: Alwan 3.01 color server

              I have assessed the PDF processing, the GCR is not applied because of the triggering of CMYpurity detection.

              01-02-08 18:26:22.611_ < n 1 >(CMYK Optimizer Server) _ Warning: PDF contains K purities that forces the Preserve Original Separation

              This is due to automatic CMY purity detection (introduced in ACH 277, page 30 of the CMYK_Optimizer Manual)
              When CMY purity and overprint are detected, it forces the "Preserve Original Separation" option (in Separation Tab) and the "C-M-Y-K primary ink purity" option (in Purity tab).
              This is to avoid any Black appear in overprinted regions which could rarely lead to a rendering artifact with very specific PDF conceptions.

              If needed, this detection can be disabled in ACH preference file "com.alwancolor.AlwanColorHub.plist" located in the folder :
              by setting to NO the JobTask_CMYPurityManagement option, as described in attached screenshot :


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