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Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

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  • Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

    I know the way you are supposed to make a prepress proof is to make it match the press sheet. I am well aware of this.

    Is it possible to do it the reverse way?

    We have an Apogee X light running our avantra imagesetter. How can we get into our RIP to make our films produce to the Epson proofs?

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    Re: Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

    Caveman way: make a test form make a proof make set of plates run on press, compare sheets make adjustments to output curves to mimic proof.

    Did this for many years as our matchprint and later our irises were very stable, ocassionaly we would notice a slight color shift because the press was drifting so we would adjust out put curves accordingly.

    It aint all ICC/graCoL fancified but it works.


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      Re: Adjusting RIP to client proof ?


      The safest way is to characterized each output in your shop using a spectrodensitometer and a good profiling software.

      The profiles created from any of your devices can then be exported to your rip to simulate your proofer.

      You can check Perfx Color Management products at:

      Andre Valentine
      POD Integration


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        Re: Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

        I replied to your cross post on this in gory detail. G_Man is right. My reply is just specific to how to tweak an ApogeeX light without having to alter the art. In other words, my cave has paintings.


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          Re: Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

          Ever notice the safest way always requires a purchase?

          I've officially had enough, peace out homies and enjoy the pitch.


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            Re: Adjusting RIP to client proof ?

            I have nothing against workaround that costs nothing. This is why forum exists.

            However, everybody should have the right to post possible fixes, even if you have to buy it !

            This is called free enterprise !


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